Love Stencil Collection Glitter Temporary Tattoos

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Love Collections Stencils include:

  • 12 love-related stencils (two of each: rose, heart with arrow, "Love," a kiss, diamond ring and a heart with wings and halo)

*Note: stencils in the image depicted have glitter in them.

In love with Love?

This 'lovely' set of stencils from Sparkle Tattoo Inc. is perfect for Valentine's Day activities and events. Comes with two sets of six stencils like a kiss or diamond ring for you to have fun with. Simply use the stencil by applying to dry skin. Take the glue adhesive and apply to the area within the stencil. If you have any brushes, 'scoop' the glitter and spread it onto the area where you want the desired colour. Wait a few moments before peeling the stencil off. Once you do, you'll have an awesome glittering temporary tattoo!

Amazing stencil collection! The Love Stencil Collection is a great addition to your Sparkle Tattoo kit!