CLEARANCE - Lothar World of Warcraft Knight Costume

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Lothar Warcraft Men's Classic Costume includes:

  • Muscle jumpsuit
  • Detachable shoulder pieces
  • Belt with apron

Defend Azeroth as the general for the army of the Kingdom of Stormwind in this epic Lothar Warcraft Men's Classic Costume!

The Lothar Warcraft Men's Classic Costume could have been taken right out of the film. The soft fabric of the jumpsuit features printing on it to resemble the armour seen in the film, Warcraft. Featuring built-in muscles/armour, the jumpsuit is realistic-looking, yet comfortable. The top of the jumpsuit starts as a lovely steel blue. On this, areas of gold and a type of chainmail is printed throughout. Areas of a padding build up from here and feature armour prints to resemble Lothar's warrior armour from the film, Warcraft. The collar of the jumpsuit sits high and strips of Velcro fasten at the top of the back of the collar and continue down the top portion of the jumpsuit. A skirt-like piece of fabric with the same chainmail-like print on it hangs from the waist to cover the some of the jumpsuit's legs. This piece resembles more of a long tunic, than a skirt and continues all the way around the waist. The pants of the jumpsuit carry the same steel blue colour with printed boot tops in silver and gold tones. Printed leather-looking straps with golden buckles appear on the back of the legs. Included with this amazing Lothar Warcraft Men's Classic Costume are two moulded shoulder pieces. These simply attach to panels of Velcro on the chest and back of the jumpsuit. Painted dark silver with an aged and battled look, gold accents trim the armour shoulder pieces. Each one differs from the other. One features the lion's head while the other is a little more simple in its design. A soft fabric poly-foam belt with apron also comes with this Lothar Costume. It simply wraps around the waist and fastens in the back with Velcro. It's also a silver colour with gold trim to match the shoulder pieces and jumpsuit. The back area which Velcros together is printed with leather-looking straps and buckles to fasten. At the front of the belt is a large area with silver and gold trim. This features a portion in the centre that has a castle outlined with more gold colour. An apron flows down from this point coloured in steel blue and trimmed with gold. Designs on the front of this apron are done in gold and are less ornate than other areas of the jumpsuit.

This costume is great for anyone looking to do a realistic and comfortable Halloween costume or as a group cosplay event!