Long Black Gothic Coat

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The Men's Gothic Coat costume includes:

  • Gothic Jacket

However bittersweet, there is beauty in the dark side of life, if one has the courage to gaze upon it. Compliment your morbid, mysterious soul with this conspicuous Gothic Coat that possesses that Victorian charm that is sure to enthrall the hapless beings blessed to be in your company.

With tailoring offering a rich black smooth and soft facade,this knee length coat features a double-breasted front fixed by three ornate silvery buttons, with three matching buttons on the obverse front to complete the presentation. Silver buckles and velvety straps adjust the jacket at the back, while similar buckles and straps adjust each sleeve. A nylon lining helps the jacket breathe well in dark clubs, while providing warmth on cold winter nights.

Whether you'll wear this for yourself at the club, to the occasional relevant concert, or as a means to express yourself among the common folk upon costume occasions, this coat is sure to flatter your wardrobe. Others in your company will understand at once that dark, cloudy days are as beautiful as those with sun.