Living Dead Women's Zombie Costume

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Living Dead Zombie costume inlcudes:

  • Tattered zombie dress
  • Matching torn leggings

This is a walking dead zombie woman costume. Craving brains for Halloween? Show it with an awesome zombie outfit.

This is a two piece Zombie costume with a dress and leggings. The dress is tattered-looking with long flowing sleeves and an attached sash that ties up around the back. Strips of fabric also come from the shoulders to make the dress look more wrecked. It has a layer of black fabric with another layer of grey fabric with numerous holes in it. The grey fabric covers the sash and hanging fabric, the cuffs of the sleeves and the body of the dress. The leggings also have holes just like the ones on the dress. The leggings are black with grey colouring.

This costume is perfect for a zombie walk, making a hoard of your own living dead, or a monster-themed costume party.