Light-Up Anglerfish Jawsome Hat

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Are you ready to take a BITE out of the deep sea?  Well now you can feel like king of the deep sea carnivores with the Light-Up Anglerfish Jawsome Hat!  This hat features a copper colour thin vinyl material, accented with felt around the mouth, while the sewn in jaw is attached to the hat via two polyester fabric pieces, one at each corner of the mouth.  There is also a sewn in adjustable head strap that has a Velcro closure.  The top of the hat is accented with felt fin detailing, two large poofy eyes wrapped in nylon and the main feature, the Light-Up “fishing pole”!

The Anglerfish Light-Up Jawsome Hat’s fishing pole has a bendable rod sewn into it to allow you to shape it however you want.  The light on the end is a bright white LED that is connected to a battery and casing that you can turn on and off as you please all kept in a pocket on the inside of the hat.

The Anglerfish Light-Up Jawsome Hat is the perfect accessory for every day wear, a fun themed party, or if you’re out in the dark and need a little extra light!