Leather-Like Stitched Horse Mask

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Try adding an element or humor to your rustic steam-punk ensemble with the Leather-Like Stitched Horse Mask! This pull-over style mask is made in the iconic ‘horse head’ style which has been seen in many videos and memes. The base color of this accessory piece is a faded textured brown which is designed to appear as old-leather. Sandy blond hair covers the mane area of the horse’s head, while thick stitching in black thread is found all the way down from the top of the head to the open mouth. There is additional stitching underneath the eyes in curved lines. The mouth of the horse is open with white painted and molded teeth visible. Consider pairing the Leather-Like Stitched Horse Mask with a western themed outfit which you can alter and distress according to your own unique vision! This mask is perfect to wear out to fun local parties, for Halloween or theatrical events!