Last Dance Saloon Girl Costume

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The Womens Last Dance Saloon Girl Costume includes:

  • Top
  • Skirt
  • Jabot


Whether you own the saloon yourself, or you're just another working girl in a western town, there's no one the cowboys love more than a friendly, smiling, generous saloon gal. While the good girls out East don't enter drinking establishments, as a Belle of the Prairie, you will … and be infamous for it.

The top and skirt of the Saloon Gal costume features an ornate lace design of cinnamon brown color, with black lace embellishments and additional fringe. The skirt tightens with drawstrings. The blouse top closes at the back of the neck with a Velcro tab. The jabot, or ornamental ruffle that's worn at the front of the blouse, is made of cinnamon and black lace, with a large 3D ivory silhouette cameo. Note that dress sizes tend to fit smaller than typical.

If you see it as your role to serve drinks and other refreshments to lonely cowboys and farmers this Halloween, some of whom have had to drive their cattle from as far away as across the city, you'll want this costume. You’ll be ready for any western-themed party, or likewise for any historically featured event. Wear with fishnet or patterned sheer stockings, or short leather or lace gloves for best effect.