Lando Calrissian Star Wars Classic Costume

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The Lando Calrissian Star Wars Classic Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Cape
  • Belt


Smuggler, gambler, card player and the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, as Lando Calrissian you’ve got it all … but the Empire can push you only so far, right? One step further and you’ll smash that Death Star of theirs and it serves them right.

Lando’s blue shirt features a black collar, with black placket and cuffs, fitting with a matching belt that seals with Velcro. The pants fit with an elasticized waist. The magnificent robin’s egg blue cape is adorned with a fire-colored paisley lining, with a satin finish throughout. The cape fits with an elastic tie.

As Lando, you’re a loveable scoundrel and very likely to be welcome at any Halloween costume party this season … or recognized instantly when you show up at the reappearance of Lando in Episode IX, the final installment of the Skywalker saga. Great for any Star Wars themed event, fan expo or game con.