Ladies Sexy Police Officer Randi Costume

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Officer Randi Stopsign Costume Includes:

  • Dress
  • Hat
  • Belt 
  • Badge
  • Name plate
  • Faux radio
  • Handcuffs

Officer Randi here to stop you in your tracks and arrest you for being naughty! This fun police costume will have you arresting everyone.

This solid navy blue Officer Randi cop dress buttons the entirety of the front. The collar is made from a vinyl. The front has two pockets with a vinyl top and 'POLICE' over the right pocket. The sleeves have a ranking badge on one side and a police department badge on the other. The hat is a classic cop style with a puffed top piece with vinyl edging and a solid bill. It has a police badge on top. There is also another of the same badge with a pin on the back to pin to over the left pocket. A simple plain vinyl belt has silver grommets to buckle it together around the waist. A name plate pins over the POLICE with 'Officer Randi Stopsign'. You can easily place your plastic cuffs with the safety on them on your belt. Also included is a faux radio and speaker which also clips to the belt. 

Take down all the bad guys when you wear cop Officer Randi costume! This costume is completely versatile, great for Halloween, Cops and robbers, role playing or having a little fun with the tickle trunk! Get your significant other in on the fun with a prison guard (check out Hugh B. Guilty), prisoner or bad guy costume.