Ladies Plus Belle Village Dress Costume

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The Ladies Plus Belle Village Dress Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Detachable tea towels

Fits sizes 18 – 20.

This costume is part of our Disney Beauty and the Beast collection!

Grab a book and begin your adventure in Villeneuve while wearing The Ladies Plus Belle Village Dress! The Gaston in your life won’t be able to resist your presence, even despite his continued failed advances!

This dress is gorgeously constructed with multiple different fabric patterns, thus creating the illusion of different textures in a patchwork design.  It is designed to fall down below the knee on most, and features long white sleeves with tight cuffs cutting off above the wrist. The neckline of this Belle Village costume is square in shape and has short sewn ruffles along the length of the chest. Underneath the ruffles a patch of maroon floral pattern is visible, then extending down below the front blue section of the piece.  The top portion of the costume includes thick blue straps with string bows and an attached bodice, both which are separated from the white sleeves and floral fabric. This is done to create the illusion of multiple layers and is isolated to the front of the costume, as the backside is a solid blue.

Down the upper back two Velcro fasteners are available to secure the costume on the body while worn. Under the shoulder strap on the left-hand side of the dress there are red and white strings stitched down the bodice ending at the waist. Just below the tied string there are two rectangular sections of fabric designed to resemble tea towels. These rags have different stripped designs and are connected to the skirt of the dress in tandem by a strip of Velcro. The skirt continues the patchwork style of the costume, and has asymmetrical sections in various patterns.

Whether you are headed to the library or spending time in the mansion, the Live Action Belle Village Deluxe Costume will make any occasion special! This dress is perfect for Disney themed gatherings, comic expos, or group costumes!