Ladies Licensed Pikachu Tights & Headband

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Pikachu Women's Separates Kit includes:

  • Pikachu leggings
  • Pikachu headband

Part of the Pokémon collection

Pika, Pikachu!! This electric rat kit will get you all set to become one of the iconic Pokémon, Pikachu! It comes with a 5% spandex legging that comes in a yellow fabric and has tons of Pikachus in many different adorable poses. There is clear sequins attached all over the leggings to give it a bit of shine. It does have an elastic waistband and completely stretched out it measures about 29 inches. The headband is a small band that has stuffed ears, ready for instant Pikachu. 

Set yourself up to battle with this fun Pikachu kit! Perfect for the Pokémon lover, Halloween and heading out to Comic Con or Expo.