Lace Front Peek-A-Boo Henna Red Wig

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Knock your cos-play up a notch with this fantastic Lace-Front Peek-A-Boo Henna Red Wig from the Rockstar wig collection. It is a stylable and high quality wig in a long length.  The perfect tousled curls will really let you dress up the way you want.

The Rockstar Peek-A-Boo wig comes in a Henna Red colour. This wig is particularly great because it is heat safe, it uses a special fiber that can be used up to 180°F or 82°C with a curling iron or straight iron so you can style this wig to your tastes or fix it if it gets a little messed up. The Peek-A-Boo wig also comes with a lace front piece extending down as well as into the wig. There are fiber hairs attached to the lace front and this allows you to change the hair line of the wig to match your own or how you want like cut out the slight widows peak. The lace front can be cut with scissors and really lets the wig look more realistic. 

In addition the wig has a an adjustable hook to have a better fit, you want it fitted but not tight. It also has four combs attached to ensure a more secure fit. Three sit at the front and one in the back, reviewers and our own staff have worn it all day with little to no worries about it moving out of place. If any curls get tangled, gently untangle with your fingers as not to pull the fibers out. The fiber is soft and does not have a high sheen. 

Dressing up or making it an every day look this Rockstar Peek-A-Boo wig is perfect for Halloween, cos-play and a new look. It could make a good option for a Poison Ivy, Jessica Rabbit, April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Malon from The Legend of Zelda.