Kryolan Professional Silicone NEO Strong Adhesive 1 Oz

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The NEO Strong Bond Silicone Adhesive by Kryolan is a high performance skin adhesive for heavy duty special effect purposes. This solvent is odorless and has a pleasant feel on the skin. The Strong Silicone Adhesive does not dry when being applied and doesn’t form webs on the brush. After allowing a couple seconds for drying, the adhesive will remain tacky for as long as a couple hours into it is activated by firmly pressing the prosthetic on the area. This product also comes in a Regular strength blond for regular effect purposes. Easily remove this product by using the Silicone Adhesive NEO Thinner & Remover. Add the Silicone Strong bond Adhesive to take your SFX skills to a higher level and let your creativity run free!