Kryolan Professional Pros-Aide Original 50ml

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Kryolan Professional carries Proise-Aide which is special effects adhesive for make-up artists by ADM Tranics. In its Original formula and in a 50ml bottle you can add this product to your ever-growing collection! This glue adhesive is specially designed for great adhesion, and is especially good for foam appliances or smoothing out transition zones and seams. To apply to the skin, use cotton swabs to place the Pros-Aide on both the appliance at the desired spot on the body. Allow the prosthetic to slightly dry before placing the appliance to the skin. Dab more product over the seam of the piece to smooth out any edges as required. If needed, to thicken the Pros-Aide use Kryosil.

WARNING: To remove Pros-Aide you MUST use Special Adhesive B Remover and Thinner!