Kryolan Professional Blood Powder 10 G

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The Blood Powder by Kryolan allows you to create bloody effects seemingly out of nowhere. An example of this would be for a bleeding wound on stage, or on film and tv productions for realistic practical effects. To use, apply thinly and uniformly to the desired section making sure the area is dry. The powder can be applied the best using a puff or a brush, and only displays the realistic ‘blood’ effects when interacting with moisture. This moisture can be in the form of diluted translucent jelly, or glycerin diluted by water. After placing said wet-medium to the powdered skin trickles of fake blood will appear. The blood powder is manufactured with soluble coloring matter, meaning it CANNOT be removed from textile fabrics. It can only be removed from some surfaces with great difficulty, and in order to not stain the wearer’s skin any model would have an application of greasepaint first used over the area. The Kryolan Blood Powder will raise to bar on your SFX skills and give you the ability to really go the additional mile for your Halloween ensembles.