Kryolan Professional Artex Wound Compound

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The Artex Compound by Kryolan is a specifically designed product used to create 3D skin effects. This includes forming artificial wounds, scars, burns, or alternatively for covering unwanted skin anomalies. Carefully mix equal parts (1:1) and apply to the skin, immediately after application you can begin forming your desired effect. After about 5-6 minutes the curing process begins and once the plastic substance has dried then colors can be used. The final appearance can be made up through use of any kind of Kryolan’s grease paint or Body Illustration Color. For a natural complexion color mix Flocking into Artex. To set this product on the skin use a powder, and when ready for removal simply pull it off the skin. With this product you can create gruesome characters and out of this world effects! Let your creativity take you to new heights.