Kids Classic Pink Power Ranger 2017 Movie Costume

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Kids Classic Pink Ranger 2017 Movie Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with muscle torso and attached 3D shoulder pieces
  • Mask

It's Morphin' Time!  Take up the mantle of the Pink Ranger from the new 2017 Power Rangers movie with the Kids Classic Pink Ranger 2017 Movie Costume!

This costume is a full body jumpsuit that is a step-in and pull up with Velcro closures on the back to close it all up.  The suit is printed with a movie replica look and also features it's own sewn in muscle chest!  The 3D shoulder pads are a stiff foam, but still rather thin and able to be shaped.  The half mask helmet has a behind the head elastic that has a Velcro closure on it, giving is lots of room to stretch with.  As a note, this mask can also fit adults!

Become Zordon's chosen for your next fan expo, movie premiere, themed or Halloween party, and don't forget to pair up with other Rangers to complete the team!!