Infant/Toddler's Junior Builder/Carpenter Costume

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Junior Builder costume includes:

  • Overalls with attached shirt
  • Junior Builder hard hat
  • Utility belt with toy tools

This adorable little kid’s Junior Builder costume is a complete set, equipped with toys! This makes a great present because it’s for both dress-up and play time! This educational and practical set eases the pressure of the busy life of parenting.

This is a three-piece Junior Builder costume with a pair of overalls with attached shirt, a hard hat, and tool belt set. The overalls have a faded jean pattern and the shirt is checkered. There’s a fake front pocket that reads “Junior Builder”. The suit opens up from the back of the neckline and fastens closes with Velcro. The toy hard hat has adjustable inner straps to fit a wide range of head sizes. The tool set comes with a yellow utility belt and 5 colourful plastic implements. There is a hammer, wrench, saw, screwdriver and pliers, all in different colours.

This Junior Builder costume works well for Halloween, birthday parties and other themed costume events for your child. It would make a great alternative for a Bob the Builder costume.