Josephine French Empress Regency Costume

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Josephine French Empress Women's Costume includes:

  • Gown

Step into the character of the first wife of Napoleon I. This Josephine French Empress Women's Costume is simply beautiful - and that's no small feat!

Beautifully crafted, this simple white dress is certainly what comes to mind when one thinks of French royalty. This dress starts out as a beautiful velvety fabric and texture. The top of the dress, along with the sides, are done in white velvet. The back of the Josephine French Empress costume is also done in white velvet. The tops of the sleeves start as a puffy velvet cap, then a soft, beautiful cream-coloured fabric extends from the velvet sleeve cap. A quilted diamond pattern adorns the sleeves in dots of gold. At the end of the sleeves are elastic straps to pull over your finger, so the sleeve extends down your hand to a point. There is a panel that runs from the low collar of the dress, down the entire length of the gown. It is a match to the cream coloured fabric of the sleeves and mirrors the quilted diamond pattern. The top of this panel is trimmed with a wide strip of golden fabric. Two strips of a burgundy red trim the outside edges of the cream coloured centre panel, and is then topped with a gold fabric trim that extends up to the top of the dress and down to the bottom. At the waist, is a band - or belt - of golden material, similar to the style of the collar trim. This piece is attached at each side of the waist. A few inches from the bottom of the gown will be another band of gold fabric. From this band, golden-yellow fringe hangs. There is a button detail in the back of the dress by the lower back. There's also a bit of a train to the back of the dress as well. 

This gorgeous Josephine French Empress Women's Costume works for many different events and occasions. From historical themed parties to plays, the Josephine French Empress Women's Costume is definitely an excellent option!