Joker Black & Green Venetian Masquerade Mask

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Each hand finished mask might vary in decoration, adornments and style. This joker style Venetian mask will help you to conceal your identity at your next masquerade party. Can be worn by males or females, enjoyable for all.This white mask covers your whole face and has bright red closed lips. The brows and cheeks of the mask are raised, and the lips are pointed upward, making the mask look a little sinister. There are gold, green and black harlequin patterns around the eye, nose and cheek areas. The top of the mask has gold and black twisted trim, with a lionesque applique on the center of the forehead. There are 8 bendable green joker points protruding from the top of the mask, each with a small gold bell and pearl at the tip. Each of the points has gold braided trim along the edges. A great mask for your jester costume, or as a decoration in your home. About the Masks These fabulous genuine Venetian masks are designed by artist, Augusto Maurandi, and are created by his team in Venice, Italy. Each mask is authentically handcrafted of paper-mache in the artisan traditions of Venetian mask-makers. With satin ribbons on either side, these masks are ready for wear or display; a great piece for the avid art or mask collector.