Jedi vs. Sith Battle Chest

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Jedi vs. Sith Battle chest includes:

  • Printed chest tabard and cape
  • Jedi robe
  • Jedi belt
  • Anakin brain
  • Darth Vader mask
  • Darth Vader breathing device
  • Vader light saber
  • Anakin light saber

Will the dark side rule, or the light from the Jedi prevail? Duke it out with this officially licensed Battle Chest full of surprises. This costume has enough action for two players. The first player wears a Darth Vader printed polyfoam chest plate with a belt that ties around the back and has an attached cape. The mask is a one piece face mask with Velcro elastics around the back to keep it snug. There's a little piece of foam set between the eyes on the inside to keep it comfortable. There's a voice box that's set inside the trunk, that you can use around the mouth area of the mask and it makes realistic Vader breathing sounds. To battle, is a light saber, molded to Vaders handle, it has a two foot blade. The saber takes 2 AA batteries to light up. Don't fear, There's a Jedi to battle Vader in this Battle Trunk too. The Jedi knight has a brown Jedi robe, with long sleeves and a hood. A polyfoam belt with printed pouches and latches ties around the waist. There's an Anakin Hair clip with a long braid and a small alligator clip to put in your hair. A Jedi Light saber is included and has a 2 foot long blue blade that lights up with two AA batteries. The battle trunk itself, is a keepsake that can hold all these costumes and weapons. One side has red graphic Vader art, and other other had blue Jedi graphics. As always, batteries are not included, not suitable for children 3. One size (8 - 10)Chest 27 - 30Waist 27 - 30Height 50 - 54