Instant Knockout Pink Boxer Costume

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The Ladies Pink Knockout Boxer Costume includes:

  • Pink satin hooded robe with belt
  • Soft boxer gloves with open palm

Hit your significant other below the belt with this slam bang boxer's costume, sure to get you a first round knockout when the bell rings. You won't need to throw in the towel this Halloween when you come on strong with this number.

The hooded satiny robe in startling soft pink features a generous loose-fitting hood, with crisp black cuffs. The robe includes a belt. Emblazoned across the back are the words “Knock Out” in bold black, all the better to get your message across. The outfit is completed with two fierce-looking gloves, charmingly designed with an open palm, letting you grip your drink or car keys without having to leave your gloves behind.

Once you're decked out in this Halloween costume, you'll be ready to put others on the ropes, when you show your killer instinct. Then you can give us a blow-by-blow description of how it all went, beating us to the punch.