Groom's Day Of The Dead Tuxedo Costume

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The Mens' Day of the Dead Groom Tuxedo Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Jumpsuit

Assure the dead that though the world is a busy place, and there is much to do, they're never truly forgotten. Visit the spirits of departed friends and family in this luxurious Day of the Dead suit, bringing them comfort in knowing they are yet remembered.

The two-button tailed coat of supple fabric includes satiny lapels and collars, matched by decorative cuffs on the sleeves. The tails drape to the backs of the thighs and the jacket is shaped at the chest. Padded shoulders provide an elegant silhouette. The satiny jumpsuit, with elastic sleeves and ankles, is made with a comfy stretch knit. The leggings are printed with a skeletal image of the body, to be visible through the jacket and upon the legs.

Because the Day of the Dead festival coincides with Halloween, this costume makes a great choice for the fall costume season, not only for this year but for years to follow. Add sugar-skull make-up and you'll be ready to take your own spiritual journey with this traditional garment.