Grey Donkey Mascot Costume

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Grey Donkey Adult Mascot Costume includes:

  • Grey donkey jumpsuit
  • Donkey headpiece

*Note: fits up to a 42-inch chest.

This is seriously the softest, most plush costume!

This Grey Donkey Adult Mascot Costume is a great option for an appropriate sporting event, play or even an animal dress-up Halloween party! The soft jumpsuit of the body is reminiscent of those soft plush animals for newborns. On the Grey Donkey Adult Mascot Costume is a white tummy. The back of the mascot costume is where you'll find a cute donkey tail with furry black tip and the zipper to help get in and out of the costume. Attached to the pants of the Grey Donkey Adult Mascot Costume are boot covers that match the same colour and material as the rest of the mascot costume. There are faux hands attached to the ends of the sleeves of the mascot costume. They are grey and match the fabric of the costume. There is a white elastic where you slide your hand through after you've gone through the sleeve. Of course, you have to keep the magic of the mascot, so included with the Grey Donkey Adult Mascot Costume is a full coverage headpiece mask. This wonderfully soft headpiece is a separate part of the costume. The headpiece fits over the head and covers everything. The wired ears stand up nice and tall without drooping forward or back. There is a little tuft of black fur - just like the tail - on the top of the head as well. There are two black eyebrows above the white and black eyes - which have mesh behind them to see through. 

In addition to a play or sporting event, the Grey Donkey Adult Mascot Costume would make a great companion costume to any Shrek-themed costume!