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Green Lantern-Lady Dress Costume

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Green Lantern costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Gloves
  • Boottops

This is a women's Green Lantern Super Hero costume from the DC comic book series.

This ultra cute female costume version of The Green Lantern features a halter style dress that is soft white satin like material on the top, and green foil fabric on the skirt portion. The collar is also made of the same material, and the Green Lantern insignia is printed within a white circle in the middle. There are two gloves that white with green cuffs. The cuffs stand up, they are a bit stiffer than the rest of the dress. Two green metallic sheen boot tops complete the look.

This lovely Green Lantern costume is perfect for Super hero Parties, Halloween, and much more. Perfect to go out with friends as The Justice League.