Grand Heritage Doctor Strange Costume

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Grand Heritage Doctor Strange Monk-Style Costume includes:

  • Blue shirt with bracers
  • Pants with attached boot covers
  • Sleeveless robe
  • Belt of belts and sashes
  • Eye of Agamotto amulet

This blue and brown themed Doctor Strange costume is the Grand Heritage rendition, and includes everything you'll need to dress up as the good Doctor.  Plastic crafted bracers and belts complete the look and provide a ton of depth.

The Doctor Strange costume shirt is deep blue and comes with the attached plastic cast bracers to represent the wrapped layers of fabric around Stephen's wrists. On top of the shirt goes the short sleeved vest-style robe.  The robe is made of a heavier material and flows nicely as you walk.  Two slightly adjustable velcro tabs hold the waist in place while you put the belts and sashes on.  The pants are blue and lightweight, with attached painted boot covers to look like Stephen's boots. They slide over your shoes easily and strap in place from below.  The eye of Agamotto amulet is crafted plastic and comes with a blue and gold fabric chain to keep it secure and out of Thanos's mitts.  Overall the Doctor Strange Monk-style costume is a great way to get the whole costume in one set, and is easy to wear without nearly as much weight as the actual costume carries.

Wear this Doctor Strange costume at movie premieres or events, themed movie parties or movie nights, out on Halloween, or to the office costume party!