Grand Heritage Deadpool Costume

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Grand Heritage Deadpool Men's Costume Includes: 

  • Heavy weight spandex jumpsuit
  • Semi molded spandex Deadpool mask
  • Molded belt
  • 2 molded cuffs
  • 2 molded shin guards
  • Molded ninja backpack

This costume is part of the Marvel collection.

You’re no Wade Wilson. (Duh, obviously.)  I mean, unless you starred in a movie that made over $150 million it’s opening weekend? Yeah... that’s what I thought. Either way, you still want to dress up like a superhero so here you are hovering over that pesky ‘Add to Cart’ button. Why are you hesitating? With a get up like this you’ll definitely be the coolest person at the party rocking full body spandex.

The Grand Heritage Deadpool Mens Costume comes with a heavy-weight spandex jumpsuit with a sturdy zipper down the length of the back. All pieces included are colored red and black in the infamous anti-hero’s super suit design! This meticulously constructed suit has inner padding on both the abdomen and full-length arms, creating the appearance of defined muscles. Both shoulders are made of a stiffer material in black with stitched diamond shapes. The molded cuffs and shin guards are made of black spandex with attached molded latex pieces, and are intended to be worn over top of the jumpsuit. There are also adjustable Velcro straps that attach around the arm, or leg, for a secure fit. Each strap blends into the front design with molded fake buckles, while the rest of the latex design has subtle detailing creating textures of leather and scaled armor.

A pair of red spandex gloves fits underneath the cuffs to help complete the ensemble. Either glove has the design of a black square with a cut out circle over the top of the hand. The mask features two black oval sections over the eyes, and has a zipper around the back in order to ensure a seamless fit. A thin mesh covers the cut-out eyes while there are no available ventilation holes for the nose or mouth. Around the neck the material cuts down in the front to a point, this allows the head-piece to blend into the bodysuit without showing skin.  

An included ninja backpack comes in three separate pieces, consisting of black ties with molded faux leather straps and buckles. The front facing straps attach to the jumpsuit by Velcro tabs, one on the shoulder and one under the armpit. The rest of the backpack slips over the arms and connects by Velcro to the multi-use sheath. There are four available slots in which to store both additional katana, and sai, blades. Each katana is made in a grey tone to resemble metal, and has strips of red fabric wrapped around each hilt. The aforementioned sai blades have painted black hilts, and are considerably smaller in size. As the final piece of The Grand Heritage Deadpool Mens Costume, a molded belt completes the ensemble. In the center of the belt there is a circular buckle painted in the likeness of Deadpool’s mask. Surrounding the length of the accessory are several bullet pouches, all painted and textured to resemble real leather.

Still not convinced? You can wear this costume out on Halloween night, to Marvel themed parties, or even to your local comic convention. Causing chaos has never felt, or looked, better!