Gnome Cute Ladies Costume

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Sexy Gnome costume includes:

  • Sexy Gnome dress
  • Stockings
  • Sexy Gnome hat

This cute costume is of a sexy gnome. This is a different version of your usual garden gnome. This is a great costume with an elaborate dress, a gnome hat, and stockings.

The dress is a blouse with attached faux underbust, apron, and skirt. The blouse is an off-the-shoulder peasant shirt. The neckline and sleeves are elasticized and have white lace with blue ribbon trim. The sleeves are puffed and have red bows adorning them. The faux underbust is blue velveteen with red lacing up the bodice. The dress has a zipper in the back to put the garment on. The apron has white lace and blue ribbon trim. The skirt is polka-dot with an attached petticoat. It has ornate lace trim. Garter attachments also hang down the skirt to be used on the thigh-high stockings. The stocking are red and white stripe with flower patches sewn on the front. The hat is a stiff foam-lined toque. It’s red velveteen with a heart patch.

Wear this silly costume with a male gnome counterpart, for Halloween, or a fun fairytale creature costume party.