Fun Springy Holiday Christmas Tree Hat

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What better way to spring into the holidays than with a springy Christmas tree hat? Guaranteed to get a few smiles and laughs everywhere you go in your holiday travels.

Made with fun, this hat is adult sized and adjustable. It fits up to a 23.5 head and has a fabric lining inside. The springy tree sits on top of a regular hat which has green velvet and a faux fur trim. The tree is in a coil spring, covered in green velvet. Attached to the tree is fun circles and stars that was in shades of purple and super shiny. Sitting atop the tree is a gold foil fabric stuffed star. In front, on the faux fur trim, is five various coloured foil wrapped presents with gold threaded ties.

This amazingly fun hat can be worn for any Christmas occasion. Just watch where you sit, people may put their presents under you instead of the real Christmas tree.