Friday the 13th Jason Jersey Costume

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Friday The 13th Jason Jersey costume includes:

  • Jersey only

This is a licensed costume inspired by the Friday the 13th character Jason Voorhees. Wear the jersey of the ever-popular horror movie character for Halloween.

This is an officially licensed Jason Voorhees Jersey. The jersey is a mesh-like breathable fabric with elbow-length sleeves. The collar is a V-neck with red trim. Red trim also adorns the sleeves with two lines and a line of trim goes across the chest and the back. An illustration of Jason’s mask adorns the shoulders of the sleeves and centre of the chest. The front of the jersey has a skull-and-crossbones design featuring two blood-spattered machetes crisscrossing behind the mask. The back of the shirt has “VOORHEES” lettered along the upper back and the number “13” in the centre.

This simple costume works great for scary movie marathons, pop culture conventions, Halloween, and more! Just add a Jason Voorhees mask to make this costume perfect!