"Frank-N-Bolts" Frankenstein Neck Bolts

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  • 2 Neck wound transfers
  • Stickum blood glue
  • 2 Silver Neck Bolts

Created by Hollywood Makeup artists, these Tinsley 3D Transfers are sculpted to look so realistic your friends will be doing a double take.

This FX hit has skin transfers that you apply to your skin using water. The edges dry clear so blending different skin tones is easy. There is Stickum Blood included with the two bolts, so after your skin transfers are dried completely, you use the blood glue to twist the bolts into place. When the glue dries, it looks like fresh wet blood oozing out of the skin lesions.

They recommend you watch the tutorial before applying everything, because the bolts can be tricky.

Complete your Frankenstein's Monster and Bride of Frankenstein this Halloween with these easy FX neck bolts.