Flashy Flapper Costume - 3X Plus Size

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Flashy Flapper Costume - 3X Plus Size includes:

  • Dress
  • Headpiece


Embrace the flapper image with this sensational loose silhouette dress, with added enticing straps to show plenty of shoulder and above the knee hemline, daring to flout convention. You’re a liberated woman and you don’t care who knows it. If you want to run around with gangsters and visit a speakeasy, no one is going to tell you what you can and cannot do!

This remarkable silvery dress is positively pouring with fringe, layered from the bodice to bottom hem – so high on the thigh that it’s just right for a bad girl. Fits with comfortable sequined straps over the shoulders. The feathered headband is sure to be an eyeful.

Come the next roaring twenties or Great Gatsby party coming up, don’t forget that you’re free to use slang and even cuss, ‘cause girls like you are breaking all the rules now. You’ll look great in this for Halloween or for a special silent film showing at a popular theatre. Add a wash of costume jewelry, a cigarette holder or a pair of fishnet stockings to bring out the whole picture.   You might even dare to cut your hair in a bob.