Faux Leather Black Executioner Masquerade Mask with Studs

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They often say the dark side has more fun. Why not test it out yourself with this Black Executioner Masquerade Mask! With the Faux Leather Black Executioner Masquerade Mask your sharp edges will definitely show. This uniquely shaped mask is made of a flexible black material which is textured to resemble leather. Down the left and right hand side of the mask there are three visible triangle cut outs of which reach down to the jaw before cutting upwards towards the nose. Along the top brow ridge of the accessory there are large pointed spikes which stick out from the fabric. Similarly, the edge of the rest of the piece is lines with matching circular, non-pointed, studs. To wear this mask the wearer can tie the two attached piece of strips around the back of the head. Whether you utilize this mask for a gothic style costume, or out on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be sure to set an example to your friends and family.