Evil Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz Costume

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Wicked Witch of the West costume includes:

  • Wicked Witch dress
  • With hat with tulle
  • Long fake nails

Cackle the night away in this classic black Wicked Witch of the West costume, but watch out for flying houses.

This witch costume is a long sleeved, floor length black dress. The bodice has shaped paneling and there are faux silver buttons up the front. The dress has a high collar neck and zips up the back. To give the appearance of a jacket, the dress has puffed shoulders and a short triangular overlay on the skirt. The dress has a removable petticoat for volume. To accessorize this costume, there is a tall black witch hat with flowing black tulle tied around the base. Last but not least, it comes with long black fingernails.

Great for Halloween, great group costume for Wizard of Oz themes or to give your children's bed time stories an added twist.