Elegant Pirate Queen Buccaneer Costume

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The Women’s Elegant Pirate Queen Buccaneer Costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Belt
  • Headscarf


As a wealthy Pirate Queen, the year is 1807 and you’ve grown rich and powerful on the plunder you’ve taken from both British and the French trade upon the open ocean. You’ve dressed yourself as a prosperous lass of the bounding main and now you’ll lead your sea dogs south to the Caribbean, where you’ll make yourself more propertied still on sugar plantations and rum-laden shipping.

The glossy crimson dress, fit for piracy, features a white silky top with puffed sleeves that are worn off the shoulder. Wide shoulder straps hold the dress, which includes a suede-like corset top that laces up the front. The long skirt, full with black lace, hangs much longer in the back than in the front, giving a rakish style; ribbons under the dress front can be used to hitch the dress even higher if so desired, well above the knee. The leather-like belt includes a bronze pirate brooch with skull-and-bones motif, plus snuff pouch and silver grommets. A bright red paisley bandanna head scarf, with beaded tassel completes the costume.

Sail for waters surrounding Halloween costume parties and historical events, or dress for cosplay and attend a game con or role-playing event. Add a cutlass and a pair of high leather boots for better effect.