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Elegant Dark Gothic Witch Costume

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The Women’s Elegant Dark Gothic Witch Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Overskirt/cape
  • Belt
  • Collapsible hat (2 pieces)
  • 2 Hat ties


Explore the cold, cruel side of your character in this marvelously stylish gothic witch costume, transforming yourself into potentially the fairest in the land. Well, certainly not in the fair-play sense, but you’ll look beautiful, desirous and enticing once you’ve donned this ensemble.

The two-part witches’ hat provides the wearer with the traditional peaked hat and wide, flexible brim that can be pulled low over one eye seductively. Two separate black and green mesh ties can then be fashioned into a bow as a hat band, to drape from the brim as the wearer desires. The black velvet blouse shimmers in the light and features a large black collar full of elegance. Silver metal buttons, rich with detail, close with button holes. The matching black velvet cape can be worn over the shirt or under it, as desired. Tying with a black ribbon, it features a dark green mesh overskirt that will identify your soul to be as dark as the black cloth the skirt conceals. Pants and boots are not included. A black velvet belt with an embossed silver buckle draws the costume together.

Add a pair of dark black gloves, a broom or jewelry as desired, making yourself ready for Halloween this year or for any storybook-themed event. Excellent as holiday wear for teachers, mothers looking after their children or if you’re the boss at your own Halloween party.