Edward Scissorhands Grand Heritage Costume

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One size: Standard (up to chest 44")

Deluxe Edward Scissorhands costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Boot covers
  • Belt
  • Make-up kit
  • Wig
  • Scissor gloves

This is the licensed Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands costume from the 1990 movie classic, Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp.

This exclusive Edward Scissorhands costume comes with everything: jacket, belt, pants, boot covers, wig, make-up kit, and of course, scissor gloves. The jacket is pleather and zips up the back. The front of the jacket has three belts across the front with gold stud detailing and the belts Velcro together in the back. The bottom two belts are adjustable. The right sleeve is pleather and then from elbow to cuff the sleeve is vinyl. There is a poly-foam band that goes around the arm. The left sleeve is all vinyl and has two poly-foam bands around the arm. The collar of the jacket is vinyl with three buckle straps with and Velcro’s in the back. There is leather lace stitching detail at the top of the jacket and a pleather double layer shoulder cuff on each side with lace detail. The top and bottom of the jacket and the bottom belt have a snake skin pattern on the pleather. There is also a separate belt to go around the waist. The pants are pleather and have an elastic waist with a front zipper and clip button. From the waist the left side of the pants are pleather and the right side is vinyl. The right leg changes to pleather on an angle, starting high thigh and going down to mid thigh, and has leather lace stitching sewn between the two. The left leg has three belts that start mid thigh and go to just below the knee. There is elastic at the bottom of each pant leg to go under your foot.

There is also a pleather cod piece that Velcro’s around the pelvis. There are two different boot covers. The right boot cover has multiple straps of leather at the top followed by four adjustable belts and a strap with large gold studs. There is a final belt at the ankle that goes around the heel. The left boot cover has a diamond stitching pattern and leather laces up the length of the boot. There is a small strap at the ankle to the heel and the toe has leather lace detail. The toes of the boot covers are ruched with elastic to fit snug over shoes and there are a straps to go under the middle of your foot. The boot covers also zip up the back, similar to normal tall boots. The scissor gloves have a button at the wrist, to help keep them on, and the top of the glove is foam. Around each finger is a plastic ring that the plastic blades are attached to. The rings are attached to the top of each finger. The costume comes with a black wig and an Edward Scissorshands makeup kit complete with latex scars, adhesive, cream make-up, sponge, and a tray of colors.

This Grand Heritage Edition great costume idea for a movie themed, or a 90's themed party. This can also be a great collector's item.