Drop Dead Prom Queen Costume

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Drop Dead Prom Queen costume includes:

  • Blood-stained and torn Prom Queen dress
  • Torn corset belt
  • Bloody gloves
  • Prom Queen sash
  • Headpiece tiara with trick knife

This is a gory Drop Dead Gorgeous prom queen costume. This Carrie-like undead prom queen costume is perfect for Halloween.

This five-piece undead zombie costume  comes with a dress, underbust corset belt, gloves, sash and headpiece. The dress has a blue sequin top with a crushed velvet skirt. There is a slit up the side of the skirt and the hem is torn-looking. Blood stains drip down the skirt. The inside of the bust has a Velcro fastening where the corset attaches to. The corset belt has sequins like the top of the dress. It ties up around the back and there is a strip of fabric that tucks under the neckline and fastens to the dress with Velcro. The hem of the belt is torn to match the hem of the dress. The gloves are fingerless with bloodstains and have a loop that fits around the middle finger. The prom queen sash is also bloody, torn-looking and has the ironic logo reading “Drop Dead Gorgeous”. The headpiece is a plastic headband with a sequin tiara and attached trick knife. The trick knife looks like it is going into the skull and sticks out the other side. Just like the rest of the prom dress, is has blood spatters.

This would be a hit an (undead) Halloween or costume party. Wear it to a zombie walk or other horror-themed events.