Doctor Strange Robe Costume

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The Dr Strange Robe Adult Costume includes:

  • Dr. Strange Robe

The Dr Strange Robe Adult Costume is part of our Marvel collection.

Are you strong enough to face Dormammu?  Get ready and slip into your robes to feel your inner power while wearing the Dr Strange Robe Adult Costume!

The Dr Strange Robe costume is visually stunning with printed designs over a dark royal blue base. A high neckline blends into the printed image of a long sash, extending down the robe to the split bottom. At waist level there is an extremely detailed design of a leather belt with metal attachments. The full length sleeves attached to the Dr Strange Robe are a navy color from the shoulders to the forearm. At the forearm the color transitions into bands of different patterns creating the appearance of wrapped strips of fabric. Into the lower half of the cloak there is strategic shading that makes the appearance of folded cloth, as well as an open split beginning at the upper thigh.

The Dr Strange Robe Adult Costume will make sure your Kamar-Taj training will keep you safe! Wear this outfit to Marvel themed Halloween parties, or make a grand entrance at your local comic convention! Pair the costume with a red cape to add the Cloak of Levitation to your arsenal!