Toddler/Children's Aurora Sleeping Beauty Pink Gown Princess Costume

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Disney Princess Aurora costume includes:

  • Pink dress
  • Cameo with Aurora portrait

Dress your little one up in the beautiful Princess Aurora costume, inspired by Disney's animated classic, Sleeping Beauty.

This Princess Aurora costume features a one-piece dress in two lovely pink colours. The top of the dress is a soft, velvet like material and features a lighter pink material across the front of the dress with gorgeous, sparkling detailing on it. There is a lovely white collar that comes up and is trimmed in gold sequins. The sleeves are a sheer pink fabric. The skirt portion of the Princess Aurora costume is a rich pink tulle with sparkles that lays over top of a solid pink underskirt. There is a lighter pink tulle that sits overtop of the skirt and gold sequined trimming accents the waistline and up the centre of the top of the dress on either side of the soft pink with filigree detailing. In the centre of the top of the dress is pink ribbon flowers with a small cameo which includes a portrait of Princess Aurora herself.

Your little one will look perfect whether sleeping, Halloween or playing dress up in this Disney Princess Aurora costume!