Devil Muscle Chest Costume

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The Adult the Devil Muscle Chest Costume includes:

  • Muscle shirt


Just because you’re the personification of evil is no reason to avoid your weekly work out.  Or show off these magnificent abs, pects and deltoids with this spectacular Devil Costume, designed to be the very personification of the devil on vacation.  You’re just the sort who visits the beach to kick sand in nerds’ faces.

The one-piece garment includes an attached vest and hood, the latter with soft horns atop the head.  The black shirt is shredded on the arms, as you’ve burst it with your magnificent musculature.  The costume ripples of enormous muscles from shoulders to waist.  Leather-like straps cross the chest, featuring a skull-and-batwing logo.

Fun for wearing to any costume event of course, but just as much fun for fraternity events and outdoor raves, to express your commitment to a night of dedicated debauchery.