Demon Or Devil Horns Facinator With Veils

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Elegant and gothic, the Demon or Devil Horns Facinator with Veils will set you up to have a unique and unforgettable costume! This head piece uses only black colored elements, including lace and tulle. This accessory sits on the top of the head and extends down into a widows peak like shape. Two horns are molded and attached to the head-piece extending upwards and towards the back of the head. Beautiful lace has been attached to the molded sections, creating an almost vintage feel to the piece. Adding to this aesthetic are two separate sections of dangling black tulle which drapes over the shoulders and frames the face. There is also a single black jewel which dangles from the bottom point of the widow’s peak. You can pair the Demon or Devil Horns Facinator with Veils with one of our Maleficent costumes to create a unique and beautiful take on a popular character! Or, utilize alongside your imagination to create a spectacular fantasy outfit blending dark and vintage styles with whimsical creatures! Perfect for wearing out to themed parties and events, this gorgeous piece would also be perfect for a themed wedding, or even comic expo and Halloween night!