Deluxe White Queen Alice Through the Looking Glass Costume

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White Queen Alice Through the Looking Glass costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Crown

Reign over Underland in this awesome White Queen costume inspired by the film, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

This officially licensed costume comes a a gorgeous one-piece gown in all white. The bodice of the gown is done in a lovely satin-like fabric. The top of the bodice that fits over the shoulders is a white sheer, tulle-like fabric with some glints of silver glitter throughout. From here, the shoulder caps are white satin material with faux pearl beading around the tops of each. This also continues across the top of the bodice, separating the tulle and satiny material of the rest of the costume. From the ends of the sleeve caps, more sheer, white tulle completes the rest of the sleeve and more silver glitter is placed throughout. Down the centre of the bodice, is a panel of fabric with a bit of a design to it. The background of the fabric has tiny honeycomb-like patterns, while there are black outlines of various shapes and dots overtop. The sides of this panel are trimmed with several layers of silver trimmed tulle, iridescent sequins, gold trimmed tulle and sheer fabric gathered along the edges to resemble flowers. Each layer of tulle has a scalloping style to them. This runs down each side of the panel and across the bottom as well. The Skirt of the White Queen costume has a satin-like underskirt to help with volume. Overtop, a full layer of white tulle with large silver snowflakes drapes down. This layer wraps all the way around the waist and covers the length of the skirt. From the centre of the waist, an extra tulle piece drapes down with only small silver stars decorating it. You simply cannot be the White Queen of Underland without your crown. So, the White Queen Alice Through the Looking Glass costume includes a full, golden coloured crown. Created of soft foam the crown attaches to the hair with simple hair clips. The centre of the front of the crown features four diamond-like stones attached in the overall shape of a diamond.

Whether you're waiting for a champion or heading to a Halloween party, the White Queen Alice Through the Looking Glass costume is a great choice!