Deluxe Scary Scarecrow Costume

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The Deluxe Scary Scarecrow Mens' Costume includes:

  • Tunic

  • Face mask

  • Hat

  • Pouch

  • Necktie

  • Waist Tie

  • Pouch lace

  • 4 elastic straw bracelets


Put the “scare” in scarecrow with this grotesquely frightening costume, sure to send more than crows into a panic. Dressed to kill, you'll be ready to abandon the corn and go off in search of victims just begging to be harvested come this Halloween season. There's no nightmare fuel like a monster that can't feel pain.

The roomy green felt-like tunic hangs loosely on the shoulders and body, exactly like the discarded clothing traditionally used for scarecrows. Straw pieces highlight the garment, while the straw-touched wrist bands are comfortably elasticized to keep your hands free for carrying a rake or other weapon. The tunic ties in place with a white rope waist tie, that also holds a laceable pouch where you can store things like severed fingers, if you have a mind. Oops, you haven't, have you? The rubberized mask, with stitches, red eye balls and bared teeth, is accented by a rope neck tie that can be tied loose or tightly, as desired. The floppy hat, with green felt ribbon, sits loosely on the head; the brim can be folded back and out of the eyes, or not.

For any role-playing or comic con event, this unnerving costume can be creepy as can be, or worn without the mask for a lighter, more cheerful option. Comfortable and warm for a night of Halloweening, or just to scare the bejeezus out of your party the next time you Dungeon Master, the Deluxe Scary Scarecrow Costume is sure to make them think again about a simple sack of straw.