Deluxe Predator 2018 Movie Costume

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The Men’s Predator 2018 Movie Deluxe Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit (padded)
  • Belt
  • Gauntlet with blade
  • Mask


Scare the bejeezus out of military and civilian alike as the ultimate predator, one that’s been upgraded with DNA from species scattered among the stars. Outclassing the original predator in every conceivable way, this new predator has an exoskeleton that will even let it stop bullets. In this costume, you’ll be indestructible.

The padded jumpsuit provides the enormous musculature of the Ultimate Predator, while patterned with the predator’s body colors. The intensely detailed 3-D rubber loin cloth is heavy and profound in design, attaching at the back with a Velcro tab. The predator’s mask features the creature’s four teeth at each corner of the mouth, with a depicted inner mouth, deep eyes and patchy coloring over the body. Richly detailed rubber arm sleeves, with attached grey blade on the chosen arm, completes the costume.

Reveal yourself as an invader from space and decimate the inhabitants of your next Halloween party – gently, of course. It IS just a movie! The costume is sure to get you plenty of attention … and possibly clear a wide pathway as you move towards the food. The costume has no power to make you invisible; that is a power you’ll need to acquire on your own.