Deluxe Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Costume

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The Deluxe Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Costume includes:

  • Mask
  • Neck-piece
  • Top

As the superior entity it’s only natural to look down on the humans inhabiting the planet. In the Deluxe Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Costume you will transform into the iconic dark clown in his outfit from the most recent film.

This three-piece costume comes with a detailed half mask which has been molded and painted into the facial features of Pennywise. This includes the raised forehead with wrinkles, orange brushed back hair, and the white and red face paint. The face-paint creates the extended red lipstick up past the eyes and furrowed brow, there is also matching red paint on the top of the nose. An open mouth shows visible yellowed teeth. The shirt is a light silver gray shade made out of a silky thin material. The included neckpiece is a lighter shade and made out of tulle material in a collar style. This neckpiece helps blend the section in between the top and the latex mask. The shoulders of the shirt are puffed out and cinched in down the arms by attached red ribbon. Around the wrists extended fabric creates an old fashioned cuff. Down the front of the shirt there is large red pom-poms, as well as red trimming around the waistband.

Wear the Deluxe Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Costume out to classic Halloween or horror themed parties and events! With a sinister smile friends and family will be spooked out, allowing you to complete your personal mission on the planet. With added accessories and props for you to complete your costume ensemble, prepare for an unforgettable night!