Deluxe Mrs. Incredible Costume

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Note: This costume has tendency to run, black appears on the red (sometimes). It is "as is"

Package includes:

  • Mrs. Incredible jumpsuit
  • Black eye mask
  • Black gloves

Save the day from the forces of evil in this Disney-Pixar "The Incredibles" Halloween costume!

Red, black with the iconic yellow “I” on the chest, this jumpsuit slips on and zips up in the back. The boot cover stirrups fit over your feet to cover your shoes. The "Elastigirl" Halloween costume is a mix of stretchy material. Vinyl segments around the bustier and a shimmery orange band around the waist add excitement to the costume. The black eye mask fits with an elastic band around your head. Both the mask and gloves have a luster and accent the costume incredibly!

Grab Violet, Dash, Jack Jack and of course Mr. Incredible for a complete family Halloween costume.