Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet

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When holding six of the soul gems the wearer of the Infinity Gauntlet is given impressive power. With this deluxe re-creation of the Infinity Gauntlet from the movie Infinity Wars you will take charge of friends and family and head out into the galaxy to continue your quest. This molded piece is solid and well crafted, featuring strategic designs, painting, and shading. Intricate lines create symbols and framing around the sections with the soul gems. A soul gem sits on each knuckle of the gauntlet, those being orange, red, blue, purple, and green, and one large yellow stone sits on the top of the hand. To wear this replica piece you insert you own hand into the piece and allow the energy and power wash over your. Pair the Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet with a Thanos themed costume or mask to truly transform into your favourite villain! Or, add to your home collection to show off to friends and family. Perfect for Marvel or Super Hero themed parties and events, you will definitely stand out as the guest with the most bling.