Deluxe Hermione Harry Potter Costume

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The Deluxe Hermione Costume includes:

  • Sweater with Gryffindor colors
  • Collar with ties
  • Gryffindor necktie
  • Black and red robe

The Hermione Granger Costume is one of the nicest costumes available for Hermione.  Featuring a super realistic Gryffindor sweater and tie, you'll look fabulous while you show up your classmates.

This Deluxe Hermione Granger costume is very well made, and includes nearly everything you'll need.  The sweater is actual knit material, and has the Gryffindor colors knitted into the lower edge.  The sweater is a little on the short side but the sleeves are nice and long.  It has a button-up design.  The collar and shirt front goes underneath the sweater and gives the illusion of wearing a white dress shirt without actually weighing you down.  It ties in place with an elastic and holds securely.  The tie is an actual Gryffindor tie, and is not a clip on.  You'll need to learn to tie a tie for this costume!  The robe is completely screen-accurate and even has the embroidered clasp at the neck.  Black with maroon accents at the outer hem and sleeves, and featuring a lightweight but sturdy material, the robe is perfect.  There is a Gryffindor badge on the right breast so you can rep your house, even from a distance.  You'll need to pick up a black and maroon skirt to go with this costume, and a simple pair of shoes.  Head to Ollivander's to get your wand and you're ready for school.

This costume is screen accurate and lightweight, so it can be worn practically anywhere you need to be Hermione.  School parties, work parties, movies, conventions, on the sidelines of a quidditch pitch... the uses are endless!  Look fabulous anywhere in your gorgeous Gryffindor colors.