Deluxe Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Accessory Kit

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Deluxe Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Kit includes:

  • Molded tiara
  • Molded gauntlets
  • Molded armband
  • Glovelets

Take on the mantle of Wonder Woman with this officially licensed, deluxe Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman accessory kit.

The Wonder Woman accessory kit comes with a tiara, gauntlets and an armband that are all made from a molded latex with a poly-foam on the inside for more comfort. Each piece is brush painted in shades of bronze and silver with black on the tiara. The tiara has the star in the middle pointed section. It stays on the head with an elastic with velcro piece. The armband comes with a thick elastic band so it stays on the arms. The gauntlets are smaller than depicted in the picture, they measure 22 cm in length and velcro at the back to make it easier to put on. Faux leather glovelets finish this kit off. 

Joining the fight with Batman and Superman is easy with this Wonder Woman accessory kit. Perfect for upgrading or if you lost the set that comes with a costume or if you make your own. Great for Halloween, comic con or a super hero themed party!